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Trading business

View stock information and record sales transactions with average cost or FIFO calculations


Service business

Manage customers and monitor receivables with due date easily, quickly and accurately


Manufacturing business

Automatically calculate cost and production variances for the convinience of your business operations

Integrated Web Portals
Role-specific pages

Leverage comes with builtin web portals

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Advanced manufacturing module

Bill of Material

A bill of materials (BOM) is a centralized source of information containing a list of items used to manufacture a product

Work Order

A work order is a job that can be scheduled or assigned. Such an order may be from a customer request or created internally within the organization to produce a specific number of finished goods.

Material Release

Release material from your warehouses either in one go or in parts

Product Result

Produce finished goods with the cost of all materials issued and conversion cost incurred

Purchase module

Run the purchasing process with ease, from making purchase requisitions to generating invoices and making payments, using the integrated purchasing module. Leverage also support multiple withholding income tax.

Profit & Cost Centers

Easily create per-departmental ledgers to per-departmental profit/loss reports, because each inputted transaction can be determined which department goes into (Cost Center).

Fixed assets module

Calculate depreciation of fixed assets automatically using various depreciation methods such as the straight-line method, declining balance method, and the sum of the annual figures method. There is also a revaluation for the revaluation of fixed assets and disposal for the disposal of fixed assets.

Leverage features

Features to run your business more conveniently


Create sales invoices and receive payments easily


Monitor your stock in all warehouses and set alerts at minimum quantity level


In accordance with FBR, SRB and PRA Taxes in Pakistan

Bank reconciliation

Match the Bank book on Leverage with the bank statement.


Record transactions in various foreign currencies and view reports in Rupees


A complete reports module covering every aspect of the business.

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